Columbia Nights - Dawn | Dusk


Columbia Nights - Dawn | Dusk


Columbia Nights - Dawn | Dusk (RBM036)

CD & Digital 2012

* Limited Edition Pressing *

1.    Dawn

2.    As You Are  

3.    The Firmament

4.   In the Glow

5.   Forecast 

6.   Watercolors

7.   Dusk


Drawing from soul, R&B, hip-hop, electronica, and jazz, musician/producer duo Columbia Nights has developed a fresh take on a timeless tradition. Hayling Price and John E Daise made their rounds in Philadelphia as bandmates in college, and since reconnecting in Washington D.C. they’ve joined forces to start a new chapter of their journey. After years of sustained creative dialogue, the pair has developed a sound rooted in balance; their work represents a synthesis of the analog and the digital, the bright and the dark, the warm and the wintry. 

For their first EP Dawn | Dusk, they have partnered with vocalist Sarai Abdul-Malik, who met the pair midway through her studies at Howard University's Jazz Department. This offering serves as an introduction to a new creative force poised to add to the conversation. 

What people are saying about the album...

"Columbia Nights shine a light through the bleakness with their soul-warming, transmutative new album 'Dawn | Dusk'. The

brilliantly subtle vocals of Sarai Abdul-Malik form a perfect fusion with the expansive, bubbling beats of the masterful production duo. Stellar vibes, as always, from Philly's finest purveyors of soultronic sounds, Record Breakin' Music."  - Erik "The Red" Schneider (Giant Step / Bastard Jazz)

"Columbia Nights takes you for a flawless, yet short ride on a jazzy, soulful journey. My repeat mode is in full effect."

DJ Rahdu (Editor in Chief) BamaLoveSoul.Com

"Spacey soul from Columbia Nights – a duo with a wicked touch in the studio, and one that's mighty darn fresh overall! The record's in a crispy blend of mellow beats and stretched-out keys – yet it's also handled in ways that are nicely different than the norm – with a languid quality that's almost a 21st Century Shuggie Otis style – topped with soulful vocals from Sarai Abdul-Malik! The set's got none of the coldness or cliche that sometimes mar other projects of this nature – and although the album's more of an EP than a full record, it still packs plenty of punch." - Dusty Groove

With seemingly sonic influences from contemporaries The Foreign Exchange, Little Dragon, Quadron, and Muhsinah, Washington DC's Columbia Heights provide the backdrop romance, enchantment, and passion for any sun rise or fall. This is the soundtrack to create cherished intimate moments and everlasting memories with the one you love the most. Listen, love, enjoy and repeat.... at Dawn and Dusk." - OP! (I Love Vinyl)

 "2012 has already begun to be one of the best years for quality music releases. One of the brightest moments is the official ep from DC based group Columbia Nights. After a series of awesome covers, Hayling Price, John E. Diase and Sarai Abdul Malik's come forth with the glorious "Dawn Dusk". Soulfully mellow with right amount of everything. Keys, synths, string arrangements (at times) &  bass coloring in the lines of simple drum patterns with Sarai's jazzy tones & poetic inflection floating beautifully. Fans of Quadron & Muhsinah will definitely sink their teeth into this one." - Duane Powell (We ♥ Soul, Chicago)

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