Columbia Nights - In All Things : Remixes Vol. 1


Columbia Nights - In All Things : Remixes Vol. 1


1. Glide (feat. Vaughn Octavia)

2. Glide (feat. Vaughn Octavia) [Dr. Wav Remix] 

3. Glide (Dr. Wav Remix Instrumental)

4. The Rhythm (feat. Sarai Abdul-Malik)

5. The Rhythm ((feat. Sarai Abdul-Malik) [Osage Remix] 

6. The Rhythm (Osage Remix Instrumental) 

7. Now (ft. Diggs Duke) 

8. Now (ft. Diggs Duke) [Barck & Comixxx Remix]


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Space. Picture all that exists between comets and quasars, amidst the cosmic dust and dark matter. What would occupy the soundscape that would guide the ebb and flow of that universal point - if that sound could exist, were it not in a vacuum? Imagine the reality of that science fiction in the form of music. Life to death to rebirth actualized as supernovas to nebulas…all without a soundtrack. The sensation of this metaphor could only be understood through feeling it and it could only be felt through music. And thus, from within the cosmos, a trio emerged.  

D.C. based musical conspirators, Columbia Nights, bottled and packaged the initial version of their quasi-analog, spaced-out soul as In All Things in late 2015. That audible spatial experience was a detachment from the hyper-edginess of 21st century living, elevating more toward a galactic sentiment of the times. Not Neo-Soul. Nova-Soul…Supernova Soul. 

Almost 2 years from it’s inception, In All Things takes on a new look and aims to explore new, unchartered regions. The original works have been re-imagined and overhauled, though the vibe and essence still exists. The remixes maintain the core feel of ominous celestial soul reworked like a...  more


released October 6, 2017

Executive Producer: Bruce Campbell, Jr. & Columbia Nights
Produced and Arranged by: Columbia Nights

Remixes provided by: Dr. Wav, Osage (lil dave) and Alex Barack & Comixxx

Mastered by: Tom Scheponik at Gringo Motel
Columbia Nights Music Group, ASCAP