Dotmatic - Lullabies for Fall


Dotmatic - Lullabies for Fall


Dotmatic - Lullabies For Fall (RBM040)

Digital 2012

1.       Overture IV - Hello (ft. I, Ced & Stopha Vasquez)

2.       Koreatown

3.       Haystack

4.       Collide

5.       Sometimewhere

6.       Coffy Break

7.       Brandnewfeelin (juxtapose)

8.       Safe House

9.       The Fall (like leaves)

10.     Flowers for Abuela

11.     Thank You Enough (Lullaby @ 96bpm) ft. The Kinesiis Project [Dotmatic & Pia Ercole]

12.      Wishes, Dreams


Dotmatic's thoughts on the project 

..on his state of mind while creating Lullabies For The Fall 

I was definitely in re-creation mode. Not just with my music, but also with my Self. I officially signed to RBM in Fall 2008, and the Dotmatic you heard then was a different artist compared to Dotmatic 2012. Reflecting on life events of the past 4 years helped me purge some things, and make sense of some others. There were a lot of yin/yang moments, which in turn are displayed aurally on the album. Having now made my full transition to being a west coast resident, incidentally during the Winter season, "The Fall" is the result of things falling into place. To be honest, the first draft of the album was actually rejected, but I took it as a positive. Junior, in his own way, reminded me I shouIdn't be holding back, that if anything, I should be going in deeper, getting even more personal. Out of the 4 releases in the series, "The Fall" sounds the most like me. 

..on his thoughts when Record Breakin' approached him about doing the Lullabies series 

The series was totally DJ Junior's idea. I like to think of my music as soundtracks to moments, aural storytelling if you will. Lullabies For Winter was originally a 4-song EP of stories that were personal to me. After he heard it, he noted that while each of my releases has been progression of telling people's stories, there are a lot of shared experiences within all four seasons that people can relate to. The music itself then becomes timeless, as it is revisited each season. His executive producer skills made this series come to life. He handpicked most of the tracks on "Winter" and "Summer" and introduced me to many other talented artists for collaborations that resulted in some great features. 

..on the conclusion of the series 

The Lullabies series created the perfect opportunity for me to create soundtracks to moments.. just as each season has unique characteristics that make it special, the music is intended to accent specific emotions and memories felt and experienced during those seasons. I feel the progression of the series also shows growth from producer to artist, and on its own has inspired many future projects that I'm very excited about. My hope is that listeners can use this music as their own personal soundtrack for reflection, rememberance, relaxation, recreation.. and for creating and enjoying new experiences. 

After releasing editions for WinterSpring and Summer, Dotmatic comes through strong with the final edition to his lullabies series with Lullabies for Fall. Besides holding down some lush instrumentals Dotmatic has a few featured artist on this release including I, Ced, Stopha Vasquez and new comer Pia Ercole. Dotmatic and Pia together form The Kinesiis Project and their collaboration on Lullabies for Fall is a great introduction for much more to come.

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