Dotmatic - Lullabies for Spring


Dotmatic - Lullabies for Spring


Dotmatic - Lullabies For Spring (RBM038)

Digital 2012

1.     Overture III (Equal Knocks)

2.     It's Electric!

3.     Manhattan Pace (ft. Mental of Ngozi Flux)

4.     Open (ft. LP aka Lisa Preston)

5.     Way Up (Juno Break)

6.     Ithinkyouwereshining

7.     Many Things (The Day After)




Verb: to Move or jump suddenly upward or forward. 
Noun: The season after winter and before summer. 
Synonyms: leap, skip, bound, hop, source, fountain, well 

this is a journey into the sounds. 

1. overture III: equal knocks 

an overture for the dawn of a new season. with the vernal equinox 
comes the rebirth of life, renewed energy & the possibility of new 
experiences on the horizon. time to come out and play.. 

2. it's electric! 
(carter, hatred) 

there's something in the air tonight. it's crisp, the sky is clear, 
and the stars are shining bright, pulsing tones in harmony with all of 
the flashing lights of the city, and in the nightclubs.. a symphony 
kept in time by the heartbeat of the people in the streets and their 
feet on the dance floor. 

3. manhattan pace ft. Mental of Ngozi Flux 
(carter, saunders) 

you can learn a lot about a woman from the way she moves. not 
necessarily her dancing, just her natural way of movement - her pace, 
if you will. there was a fly lil' dance partner from earlier that 
night whom you were curious enough to want to talk to, but or course u 
wanted to wait for the right moment. this particular moment seems 
like your chance.. besides its raining out. you might as well walk 
her where she's goin. 

4. open ft. Lisa Preston aka LP 
(carter, preston) 

little did you know she had her eyes on you too. an engaging 
conversation leads to a long walk, as the skies clear, which leads to 
more engaging conversation, a sunrise.. and breakfast at a small cafe 
just down the block. 

5. way up (juno break) 

this one is for dilla. put your hands up. Way Up. 

6. ithinkyouwereshining 

reminiscing on things. like that sunrise ya'll shared. when the light 
hit her hair just right.. and she had that certain glow about her.. 

7. many things (the day after) 
(carter, hatred) 

there are many things in life to be unsure about - keep in mind change 
is the only constant. this one closes out the EP with hope for the 
future, knowing that while it may be time for more "farewells", 
another new season of change is just around the corner.

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