Dotmatic - Lullabies for Winter


Dotmatic - Lullabies for Winter


Digital EP 2011 (RBM025)

Winter, the coldest and most dreaded season of the year. The days are short and the nights are long. If you're not used to the cold you will hate it but for someone who was born in the winter, there is beauty and warmth already present.

Each track takes you through a different moment within the season.
Quiet, stillness, calm, gentle snow, storms, blizzard, love, family, break up, solitude

Goal: Forget that anything one else exist for that moment if you're snowed in or coming home after a long day work-whether you're alone or with the one you love-find your moment. Let this project be your soundtrack.

Take a seat and look into window the future. 

Track Notes

1. Joie's Overture
snowed in, stranded-find station on radio or podcast, zone out
sepia tones

2. Black Narcissus Joint
blizzard, chords from old jazz standards
off beat tinkle to sound like snowflakes
stillness, calm
listen to snowflakes falling, watching life outside
sounds like lullaby

3. Meteor
around thanksgiving
around family, raised on jazz, get to listen to childhood memories
track says "ill be there quick even in a storm"
faster than speed of comet
ice sky dark blue, white

4. (Hot) Steppin'
Dilla remake tribute
notorius 16 -second beat never heard from again, wanted to extend
all live instruments
like jingle bells

5. N. N. Out
winter months often equal break ups
melancholy, but not depressing
tracks says "im trying to work through this with you but..."
voices come from meeting resistance

Part 2 - Salida (exit in spanish)
the other side of n n out
track says "ok f*#k it, im out"

6. Winter Baddness (dub)
original song is about heartache
dub version-fireside make up sex


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