Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown Comic Book Issue 1

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Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown Comic Book Issue 1


* Limited Edition *

"What do giant monsters, comics and cool, groovy music all have in common? Well, in the case of the multimedia project Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdownquite a lot, actually. The story of the comic concerns a military robot prototype built in the 60’s. Designed to be the ultimate weapon, complete with laser eyes, retractable fists and a highly advanced computer brain capable of learning, the robot proves to be a little too effective during a field simulation when the testing area ends up completely obliterated. Around the same time, a mysterious sea quake takes place in the Pacific ocean as all the marine life flees in masses from the epicenter. Sounds like a recipe for an eventual giant monster/giant robot altercation to me!"  - Giant Monsters Attack Blog

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Writter: Keith Foster

Artist: Rory Smith

Editor & Art Director: Lance Pilgrim 

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