Skeme Richards - New Library Sounds (cassette)


Skeme Richards - New Library Sounds (cassette)




ALL VINYL 60 minute mix of new sound library vibes. 
Limited Edition cassette only 200 copies

Music and film has always gone hand in hand with composers creating amazing compositions that tell a story even if no words are present. Some of the greatest music to ever be featured in TV and film wasn’t necessarily created for the actual program but was instead made by house musicians and licensed as an alternative to creating something especially for the presentation. Labels such as DeWolfe, KPM, Chappell Recorded Music, Bruton and Conroy Recorded Music Library are just a few of the many labels with musical works that can be heard on British as well as American TV shows that aired during the late 60’s, 70s and early 80s. The popularity of using in house bands to create scores has all but diminished over the years with licensing going to more commercial songs by popular artists but the sound of the music has never died. Although not particularly being made for film, composers such as Adrian Younge, Greg Foat and Misha Panfilov are just a few musicians who take the sound of an era very serious when creating beautiful soundscapes and releasing them on vinyl for the world to enjoy. Most have been recorded 100% analog on 2” reel with no digital in between and direct to vinyl in the same way that it was done in the golden era.  

My latest project, New Library Sounds is a collection of works from many of today’s artists who are creating cinematic masterpieces without a script or featured actors but doing so by imagination and what feels right. What you are about to hear is just that, a cinematic expression that feels as though it should be a score to a film, one that’s filled with action and adventure, love and drama, hope and despair yet genre less at the same time. It’s a journey into the unknown but charting into familiar territory that places you in the center screen.

Skeme Richards (The Nostalgia King)



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