Record Breakin' Music Favorite Releases of 2018

Who says there is no new good music?

This is the fourth year I have put together this list of most of my favorite releases.  I say “most” because I always end up leaving a few off. Not on purpose, honestly the release slipped my mind and then I scream “How could I forget about this…or that!”  Nevertheless, music is a big part of my life.  I listen to a ton of music. Some I bought and others have been sent to me. (Now is probably a good time to say THANK YOU to all the labels and artist that have sent me promos. It is MUCH APPRECIATED but does not influence if they made the list or not. Good music is good music.

Anyway, if you listen to my weekly radio show Eavesdrop Radio [Fridays on 91.7FM from 6-9PM (EST)] that I co-host with lil' dave this list isn't really a surprise. This list is in no particular order but does reflect releases I went back to over and over throughout the year. It's great that so many of these releases came out on vinyl and some even on cassette. I encourage you to click on the artwork to find out more about these projects and support their music.

 I wish you all the best for the New Year and look forward to hearing more amazing music in 2019. I know Record Breakin' Music has some tricks up their sleeves. Thank you to the all the artists on this list and the labels for releasing this music that has been our soundtrack for the year and years to come!

DJ Junior