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DJ Platurn ft. E Da Boss & Ishtar - "In love" 

DJ Platurn "In Love" from the EP "In Love" out on RECORD BREAKIN'.

Record Breakin' Music presents Webisode One - "Left of Center" 

As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary we thought it would be fun to share behind the scene footage of what we do and love. More information about the record label and Eavesdrop radio show can be found at

soia - roaming deer

Soia "Roaming Deer" produced by Mez from the new album "H.I.O.P." out on RECORD BREAKIN'.

soia - H.I.O.P. (Hidden In Obvious Places)

Soia "H.I.O.P." produced by Mez from the new album "H.I.O.P." out on RECORD BREAKIN'.

SOIA - Intangible / tiger

Soia "Intangible / Tiger" produced by Mez from the new album "H.I.O.P." out on RECORD BREAKIN'.

Pat van dyke - let the horns blow

Pat Van Dyke "Let the Horns Blow" from the "Let the Horns Blow" out on RECORD BREAKIN'.


Soia "Tropical Jinx" produced by Mez from the new album "H.I.O.P." out on RECORD BREAKIN'.

columbia nights - in all things (release party)

The trio of Hayling Price, John Daise, and Jason "Brother Spanky" Edwards make up the dynamic and "soultronic" group Columbia Nights. Together, with leadership and guidance under Record Breakin' Music, they are striving to strengthen the ties between authentic musicianship and contemporary sound.
Their newest offering, and debut full-length album is entitled "In All Things".


Columbia Nights "Glide" from the new album "In All Things" out on RECORD BREAKIN'.

Skeme RichardS - shifting gears

Shifting Gears is an ALL VINYL 60 minute mix of rare breaks and samples at 45 RPM. This is a cassette was released exclusively at The Limited Edition of only 200 copies sold out quick but can occasionally be found on Discogs.

bozak - fade away

Bozak "Fade Away" from the Fade Away (EP) out on RECORD BREAKIN'.

record breakin' music - music is the weapon of the future (ltd. ed. print)

Music is the Weapon : Limited Edition screen prints individually signed and numbered. Only 75 prints made. Available HERE.

soia - voice

Soia "Voice" from her debut album Mood Swings out on RECORD BREAKIN'.

Columbia nights :: "grown folks music" artist spotlight interview

Ivan Orr of Grown Folks Music took a relatively quick (from Richmond anyway) drive up to the Columbia Heights area of DC to discuss musical theory and more with Record Breakin' Music duo "Columbia Nights".

big pimp jones - kodoja: terror mountain showdown

From their album Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown on RECORD BREAKIN' 

columbia nights - as You are

From their album Dawn | Dusk on RECORD BREAKIN' 

sir froderick - loverazor

From his album Heartaches and Breakbeats on RECORD BREAKIN'